Try Dating A Friend They Said.

And so another one bites the dust. This time a “friend” well more of an acquaintance and the fact the town I come from is one of those places where everyone knows everyone through 7 degrees of separation. None the less we have hung out and gone to festivals/ parties together and know each other well enough.

After posting my first blog tinderella I had noticed he had hit like under the link on my FB page, I assumed he had read the article and thought 1 of 2 things.

1: Wow how romantic is this girl to go all out for that yoga instructor, she is the kind of girl who I would really like to date and see where things go.

2. He has read and only seen the parts that interest him and ignored the entire point to the blog and my experiences. The parts where I say ” Im not a nun, I know how to have a good time in the bedroom” and my going into some detail about how I took control of the sex.

The very next day after the like on my blog I received a text from him asking if I would like to have breakfast at San Churo’s then see a movie. I thought why not, I have the day off and haven’t seen him in a while. In the back of my mind I wondered why this text was coming straight after reading my blog, but then I thought I was being arrogant maybe he didn’t even read it and just hit like to support me even writing one. My gut feeling has never been wrong so far.

He picks me up and offers to pay for everything. I still give him my share for the movie tickets after breakfast as we shared breakfast and I wasn’t that hungry. So he mainly ate everything.

He tells me that he thinks im very beautiful I brush the comment off as I actually don’t care when a guy comments on what I look like. Then says no really I think you are so beautiful. I say thanks and Change the subject.

We go to the movies have a laugh and great conversation there and back from. He tells me when I get out of the car. He would really like to hang out with me more often. I say me too. He hugs me for a little longer than expected. I leave and go about the rest of my day. He texts me later to say he had a great time and if I need anything he is happy to be there ect. How he had a great time bla bla bal. I text back a similar message and I am thinking wow what an effort he is putting in.

A week gose by and I don’t hear from him. He is one of those guys who hides behind comments like I need alot of space to do my own thing. He is a music producer and is a little bit full of his own bullshit like he comes across as aloof and too different for anyone to understand him. I see straight through it as his ego telling him this. I see who he is and I thought it was cute he thought so highly of him self.

I text to say what are you up to and hint at hanging out again like he had said he wanted more of, he takes an hour or more between texts back. I ask is he too busy should I leave him alone. He says no just playing his play station.

Now the other day he was texting instantly and if anything I had to write have a good night to indicate that I was finished the back and forth because I had to get some things done. So this change in behavior was a little off putting. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to just ask if he wanted to hang out. I even wrote that I was getting a hot and cold vibe from him. He tells me that he is going to dinner with his “friend” Kayla but is free on Monday through the day. I get a little annoyed and write back have fun with Kayla and nothing more. I know what you must be thinking. Kayla could just be his friend and I am over reacting right? Well so did I and by Monday I text him to say lets do something today.

When he turns up we are both on completely different energy levels I had just finished yoga and meditation and he had been on a special bender the night before. So he was talking my head off I couldn’t get a word in. It was that bad he was actually cutting me off mid sentence and I had to say oh I will just listen to you then shall I?

He starts to notice that I have noticed his behavior and tries to calm down a little, but still talking about him self alot. We drive to a Cafe have lunch and pay for our own lunches at my request to pay for my own. He for his own. Then he asks if we can just watch a movie at my place, because it was cold and rainy so there was not alot else we could do. We go back to my place and watch a movie. I started asking him questions about relationships and then mentioned my blog, deliberately of course and he admits he did read it. So I start to believe my theory #2 is probably more the outcome then #1 because of his Change in behavior, he makes a comment that if he doesn’t have sex by after the second date he is usually not keen any more on the girl. But if a girl comes across too needy he is also not keen. I can tell the night before was catching up with him by this point, and he is slipping up. I say goodbye to him then send him a text asking if he wanted to date me?

He sends back a text saying he wasn’t really thinking about relationships and just thought we were just “kicking it”

This is slang for being casual. I say all good I am glad he was honest and I didn’t want to offend him if I did start dating someone. I hope we can still hang out as normal. We had planned to go to the same festival again this year together so I text him the day the tickets go on sale. He ignores me. I texted something earlier about his filming me singing and posting it on the sly on his instagram and he had ignored that too.

So I believe that it was theory #2 my gut said it and I felt it and this confirms it. What a horrible person. To try and take advantage of me when I am already  down from my last experience.

Is this how hartless people can be these days?

I text one final text to let him know that I knew his game.

“Yeah nah cool I see how it is. Read my blog and you thought maybe she is down for some. Get shut down then ignore me. I had a feeling you were playing. I knew your motives the first time we hung out last week. Your beautiful Lisa and I really hope we can hang out more often. Please boy. I know game when I see it. I herd you talking to mark calling girls thirsty when you thought macca and I were in a conversation at your house. At least Mark has game. Im sure you know him and I “kick it” from time to time. You tried the wrong angle Ive lost all respect for you hey.”

Back to the drawing board. I am actually re thinking this nun thing!

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